POLL: Should Norman Gentle Make 'Idol' 's Top 12?

He’s the most controversial contestant since Sanjaya Malakar!

Nick Mitchell, who performs as the wacky Norman Gentle on American Idol, will face elimination on Thursday’s episode after singing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” on Wednesday’s show. Watch a clip.

Randy and Kara have praised him up to this point in the competition for his entertainment value. Paula called him a “true performer” Wednesday but wondered if the Idol stage was the right one for him. Then there’s Simon, who said, “I pray you do not go through to the next round.”

People.com readers are also split. “Norman needs to go home!” Mary Kay wrote in a TV Watch comment. “He is taking a spot from someone who takes the competition seriously and would give anything to have been on that stage last night.”

Meanwhile, Steph9S wrote: “Oh Nick/Norman… how I love you! The performance was memorable and entertaining. What more could you ask for? He may not be the best singer out there, but he’s got my vote. GO NORMAN!!” Tell us:

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