The lineup of beloved shows are now available for free on Pluto TV
Happy Days
Credit: Pluto TV

Pluto TV is adding to its channel lineup, just in time for Thanksgiving.

As of Tuesday, Happy Days, The Love Boat, Laverne & Shirley and more classic shows are available to stream for free through the ViacomCBS-owned service.

"In a year that has been challenging for so many across the globe, Pluto TV is bringing the joy, love and laughter that is synonymous with these series from an unforgettable era and inviting viewers to escape with their favorite characters and stories that shaped a generation of television," the streaming television service said in a statement.

The Love Boat
Credit: Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty

Family Ties, Wings, The Beverly Hillbillies, Mission: Impossible and Mork & Mindy will also be available to stream for free.

In addition to the new channels, PlutoTV announced a donation to World Central Kitchen to support its food-providing efforts, as well as a push on social media to feature holiday recipes from the stars of the classic shows that have been added to their lineup.

Laverne and Shirley
Credit: Silver Screen Collection/Getty

"In the spirit of the season, building on the nostalgia and comfort of classic television, Pluto TV is making a donation to World Central Kitchen to support their ongoing efforts to use the power of food to heal communities and strengthen economies during times of crisis and beyond," said Pluto TV in a statement.

The statement continued, "Throughout the holiday season, to drive even greater awareness to this noteworthy cause and amplify the efforts for World Central Kitchen, Pluto TV's social media will feature curated holiday recipes inspired by these shows and favorite recipes from beloved stars of the series."