Phaedra Parks Makes It Instagram Official with 'Dish Nation' 's Tone Kapone

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum and mother of two kicked off the new year with boyfriend Tone Kapone in Chicago, Illinois

Phaedra Parks rang in 2019 with a very special man by her side.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum and mother of two, 45, kicked off the new year with boyfriend and radio host Tone Kapone in Chicago, Illinois, where they celebrated at The Bureau Bar.

Both looked dashing in a photo from their festivities shared to Parks’ Instagram, she in a low-cut red jumpsuit and he in a classic black suit.

It’s the first time the pair, who has been dating for three months, has gone public with their relationship — and it’s the first public relationship Parks has been in since divorcing ex-husband Apollo Nida.

“2019 here we go,” she captioned their photo.

Yes, me and Phaedra are dating,” Kapone, who appears on Dish Nation alongside Parks’ former costar Porsha Williams, added on Wednesday’s episode of the radio show, confirming their relationship.“See? I told everybody. Now can’t we just go back to our regular lives?”

Last month, Parks told PEOPLE about Kapone — though she kept his identity a secret.

“I have a special guy that I’ve been seeing,” she said of her then mystery man. “I’m really excited. We haven’t introduced him to the world but he’s a baby doll. He looks like a treat because he is a treat. He’s a great guy.”

At the time, Parks was prepping for the holidays with her two sons — Ayden, 8, and Dylan, 5 — whom she shares with Nida.

“They are definitely full of personality. Totally opposite but both hilarious,” Parks said of her boys. “They are third grade and kindergarten and with all kinds of sports and after-school activities on their schedule — that is a job in and of itself!”

Courtesy Phaedra Parks

Aside from that, Parks is staying busy as ever, managing her multiple jobs (she’s a lawyer, mortician and Wilhelmina model, among others). She’s also working on a vaginal soap line called “My Healthy Peaches” to “help these peaches stay fresh.”

“I’m developing it with some friends in the medical field,” Parks said. “To be unfresh is not a good thing. To be an irrigation system is to be a waterfall of fragrance. So I’m cleaning up one vagina at a time.”

“I’ve got a prototype but I’m just enhancing my taste and my smell,” she continued, explaining that she’s planning on launching it sometime next year. “I want it to have a mild flavor to it because you never know when someone wants to kiss that peach. No woman wants to turn down peach à la mode!”

And as for Nida — who is expected to be released from his eight-year prison sentence in 2020 after pleading guilty to bank fraud and identity theft in May 2014 (the same year they split) — Parks said he wishes him well.

“We have two beautiful sons together,” she shared. “I’ll always be grateful for that. I’m hoping he will get married to whomever he is engaged to, honey, and he will be out of my hair.”

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