Peter Kraus also said he would never appear on Bachelor in Paradise

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand Bachelor fans’ hearts breaking all at once.

Despite creator Mike Fleiss‘ recent announcement that fan-favorite Bachelorette alum Peter Kraus would be appearing on The Bachelor Winter Games, the silver fox himself says nothing is set in stone just yet.

During an appearance on The Morning Breath show on Friday, Kraus, 32, revealed his appearance on the upcoming winter spinoff is “not confirmed yet.”

“Mike Fleiss likes to tweet a lot of things,” he said with a laugh. “I feel like he even said I was the Bachelor at one point, so I think he just likes to throw people off.”

According to Kraus, production on the Winter Games is set to begin in Vermont in December. And while he hasn’t signed on, he hasn’t ruled it out, either.

“It’s definitely something I’ve been interested in — it looks like a blast, and I know some of my good friends are going onto it,” he revealed. “I won’t say who, because I don’t know if they’ve been announced either, but it looks like a really good time.”

The runner-up from Rachel Lindsay‘s season of The Bachelorette — who was long rumored to be the next Bachelor before Arie Luyendyk Jr. was cast — said when he was initially asked to become the franchise’s next leading man, he wasn’t on board.

“It was brought up to me … and I thought to myself, ‘No’ — like, instantly,” he said. “But as time went on and I started to get more feedback from family and friends, it’s something that started to become more of a consideration.”

“Now that’s all kind of subsided, and I’ve been able to get back to real life, if you will,” he continued. “It’s something I’d probably consider in the future. I don’t see why not.”

But one Bachelor spinoff Kraus has definitely ruled out? Bachelor in Paradise.

“No, I would not do Paradise,” he said. “I heard it’s like 110 [degrees] and they have no air conditioning.”

When asked whether he misses Lindsay, who is now engaged to finalist Bryan Abasolo, Kraus expertly avoided the question.

“I’ve never been asked that,” he said. “She’s a sweetheart, she really is. She’s very kind, she’s very considerate. She’s a pleasure to be around — I’ll go with that.”

Kraus also revealed that he’s “not dating” right now, and isn’t likely to ever date another Bachelor or Bachelorette alum.

“I don’t think I would date within Bachelor Nation,” he said. “I don’t want my relationship that much in the public eye right now. Maybe at some point, but I like my life right now.”

Last but not least, Kraus also explained his much-talked about high school yearbook quote, in which he listed the following as his plans for the future: “Go to art school, become famous in one way or another, be on The Bachelor, live happily.”

“It was the year The Bachelor first came out and I was not getting any girls — no girls wanted me in high school,” he said. “This guy came out and had like, 30 girls chasing after him and had a TV show abut himself, and everybody wanted to be him or be with him and I was like: ‘I want to be that guy, and if I say it, girls will follow me.’ ”

The Bachelor Winter Games is set to premiere in February on ABC.