Peter Dinklage Was in a Punk Rock Band Long Before He Was On 'Game of Thrones'

Before he was Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage was part of a punk rock band named Whizzy

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Before he was the cunning Tyrion Lannister on HBO’s Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage was an aspiring punk rock band singer.

It was the early ’90s and Dinklage, who was in his 20s, was part of Whizzy, a band based in New York City.

While Whizzy never reached the stratosphere of rock success, they were featured in an article by the Columbia Spectator in November 1993, which was unearthed by Mashable and saw the band described as “a spectacle of sardonic yet optimistic folly to which you can’t help but dance.”

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The Spectator described Whizzy as “thematic” and “fun,” with Dinklage, now 48, wearing “a shirt made of Wonder bread,” and singing a song called “Omnivore Lord,” which went something like this:

“I’m an omnivore yet I do much more/I rock a party with my mike/get people out on the floor/but when the show is over and my rhymes are through/I head to the kitchen/‘cause I need some food.”


Since his band days, Dinklage has seen great success as the right hand man of a Dragon Queen on Thrones.

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He’s been nominated multiple times for awards, and has won a Golden Globe award for supporting actor in 2011, as well as an Emmy that same year and in 2015.

Dinklage is married to Erica Schmidt and they share one child together. A source confirmed to PEOPLE in March that the couple were expecting their second child together.

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