Pete Davidson Set to Star in New Netflix Comedy Special — Watch the Trailer

Pete Davidson: Alive from New York drops Feb. 25 on Netflix

Pete Davidson‘s unfiltered anecdotes are coming to Netflix.

The Saturday Night Live comedian will star in a new Netflix original comedy special, Alive from New York, filmed at the Gramercy Theatre and premiering on Feb. 25.

In the trailer, Davidson, 26, delivers several hilarious jokes to his live audience, who chuckle along through the monologue.

“I have a lot of gay friends. I like my gay friends because I don’t think there’s a more honest relationship between a gay dude and a straight dude, because there is just nothing to gain,” Davidson says. “It’s just pure honesty.”

“There is always one gay friend that I don’t think is gay at all,” the comedian continues. “Girls laugh, every guy is like, ‘Yeah, Kyle.’ ”

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Davidson kept the jokes coming, saying, “It’s that gay dude that will run up on your girlfriend and squeeze her boobs and grab her ass and be like, ‘Damn girl, you look great.’ I don’t find that f— funny at all, I’m sorry. I’m all for the gayness, it doesn’t mean I’m against gayness, it’s just like, you get to slap ass on a technicality? That’s not f— fair at all.”

“Right in front of you, walk up, slap the ass, giggle,” he goes on. “Just cause he could. I would never do that just cause I could. I wouldn’t like walk up to his boyfriend and tug his dick and be like, ‘Nice, Gary. Not for me, but cool.’ ”

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Davidson has been a cast member on SNL since 2015. He was absent from several episodes earlier this season due to his commitment on James Gunn’s 2021 superhero film The Suicide Squad.

He is also the latest comedian to secure a special with Netflix. Fellow SNL alumna Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers each debuted their own comedy specials in recent months, while two more specials starring Ali Wong are in the works.

Pete Davidson: Alive from New York drops Feb. 25 on Netflix.

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