Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber were first romantically linked in October

Pete Davidson stopped by Weekend Update during Saturday Night Live and seemingly addressed his romance with Kaia Gerber.

While speaking about his new relationship with Colin Jost, Davidson referenced Jost’s engagement to actress Scarlett Johansson.

“It’s not fair Colin. You get to date a famous woman and everyone’s delighted, but when I do it the world wants to punch me in the throat,” Davidson, 26, joked, referring to the criticism he’s faced over his relationship with the 18-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford. “What’d I do?”

Davidson also said he doesn’t understand why people are upset, because according to him, he’s the best option for women who like dating guys that look like him.

Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson
Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson
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“I mean, if I’m your type of guy that your daughter or mother is into, then trust me, I’m the best-case scenario,” he said.

“There are a million guys who look like me and I’m the only one with a job. It’s like me or Tyga,” Davidson jokingly added.

Last month, Davidson and Gerber were spotted hand-in-hand attending her friend’s wedding in Miami, where they were also seen sharing a passionate poolside kiss.

Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson
Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson
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The comedian and model were first romantically linked in October after enjoying a meal together at the popular brunch spot Sadelle’s in New York City. Since then, they have been spotted on multiple dates around the city, and Gerber even bought him a cake for his birthday in November.

Although his love life seems to be going well, Davidson later made some fans concerned during the Weekend Update segment when he seemingly implied about rehab after Jost asked if he had any upcoming plans for SNL’s winter break.

“I’m going on ‘vacation’ but insurance pays for some of it, and they take your phone and shoelaces,” Davidson said. “And it costs $100,000 but I still have roommates.”

Fans showed their concern on Twitter following the segment, many sending him words of support.

“I love Pete Davidson sm and if he’s really going to rehab I hope he gets the help he needs

,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

And another wrote, “If Pete Davidson is actually going to rehab, I salute the dude for talking about it in public. Maybe somebody else will feel a little less ashamed.”

Davidson last went to rehab in 2016 for his struggles with mental health.