Pete Davidson Has a 'Secret': Find Out His First Post-'SNL' Gig — and Why His Mom Packed Snacks! 

PEOPLE has an exclusive First Look at the former Saturday Night Live star's next project (hint: Duty calls!)

Pete Davidson has entered the Call of Duty universe.

Fresh off his departure from Saturday Night Live, the comedian is set to star in Activision's new game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II — and PEOPLE has an exclusive First Look at the trailer.

"The secret is out, I am in the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II live-action trailer," Davidson, 28, says in a statement.

In the new trailer, Davidson can be seen sitting in a military vehicle beside the Taskforce 141 team as they drive along to an objective — and he isn't shy to express his thoughts.

"It's kinda scary in here," Davidson says. "Will you guys hold my hand?"

"Sure," responds Billy Murray, who plays Captain Price.

The comedian then goes on to inquire about the most important of topics.

"You guys pack any good snacks?" he asks. "My mom packed me a whole backpack full of snacks. Hope you guys brought some snacks 'cause I'm not sharing mine!"

Pete Davidson - Bengals
Pete Davidson.

Davidson then holds up his weapon and asks his teammates, "Do you know how to use this thing?"

"Load and lock," he says in an attempt, before accidentally breaking his weapon into pieces.

Clearly exasperated by his actions, Captain Price announces to the group, "Okay, leave him in the truck."

In addition to Davidson, Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young and creator TimTheTatmann are also featured in teaser trailer for the new game.

Additionally, Activision is welcoming back Infinity Ward as the lead developer for this year's Call of Duty experiences, set to be released on October 28.

The worldwide reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will take place next Wednesday 10 a.m. PT.

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Davidson's appearance in the video game comes a few weeks after his final episode on SNL.

During the "Weekend Update" segment, the comedian — who has been in a "committed relationship" with Kim Kardashian since last fall — discussed his tenure on the late night show and thanked his cast for always being supportive of his endeavors.

"I appreciate SNL always having my back and allowing me to work on myself and grow. Thank you to Lorne [Michaels] for never giving up on me or judging me even when everyone else was and for believing in me and allowing me to have a place that I could call home with memories that will last a lifetime," he said.

Davidson also confirmed his exit in an Instagram post shared by his friend and frequent collaborator, Dave Sirus, hours before the season finale.

"I owe Lorne Michaels and everyone at SNL my life. I'm so grateful and I wouldn't be here without them. I appreciate you guys always having my back and sticking up for me even when that wasn't the popular opinion," he wrote, in part. "Thank you for always believing in me and sticking by my side even when it seemed comical. Thank you for teaching me life values, how to grow up and for giving me memories that will last a lifetime."

Davidson's note concluded, "SNL is my home. I'm so happy and sad about tonight's show. For so many reasons I can't explain. Can't wait to be back next year in a [John] Mulaney musical number."

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