PEOPLE Puzzler's second season will premiere this fall on Game Show Network

By Ally Mauch
June 02, 2021 03:00 PM
PEOPLE Puzzler
PEOPLE Puzzler
| Credit: Game Show Network

PEOPLE Puzzler is returning for a second season on Game Show Network.

The Leah Remini-hosted half-hour competition series, which premiered in January, puts three contestants' pop culture knowledge to the test as they face off to rack up points by solving crossword puzzles — just like those in PEOPLE's weekly issues.

Remini announced the news on social media Wednesday.

Remini, 50, previously opened up to PEOPLE about why she decided to join the series

"I was literally like, 'Yes!'" the King of Queens actress said of her reaction when asked to hop on board as host. "[I was] dealing with the aftermath of producing and hosting my A&E documentary series on Scientology, on top of it being a very dark time in our country. So when something like this comes along, I feel like it's a blessing. I just love connecting with people."

While Remini admitted she didn't know "nine out of 10" of the crossword questions that contestants were quizzed about, she said she had a fun time filming because of the connection she was able to make with the players.

Leah Remini on People PUZZLER
Leah Remini
| Credit: GSN

"I really do love the PEOPLE puzzles because it's pop culture and it's fun facts," she said. "That's what the show is based on. The most exciting time was walking out on stage and seeing the contestants. I love people. People who know me know that I would prefer to go to your family's barbecue than any Hollywood event."

PEOPLE Puzzler airs weekdays (6 p.m. ET) on Game Show Network. Season 2 is set to premiere this fall.