By People Staff
March 04, 2009 12:00 AM
Craig Sjodin/ABC(2)

Jason Mesnick says he followed his heart when he broke up with Bachelor winner Melissa Rycroft, pursuing a relationship with finalist Molly Malaney instead. Now, a majority of readers feel that Melissa is still the winner in the situation.

Seventy-seven percent of readers who took our poll say that Melissa is better off without Jason in her life.

In comments, readers expressed sympathy for Melissa, who was dumped on the After the Final Rose show. “I feel bad for Melissa,” writes Sarah. “I am still so mad at the Jason for what he did to her.”

Meanwhile, Jennie believes they’re both winners. “Melissa is better off not being with someone that doesn’t care for her the way she deserves,” she writes. “Molly was also better off in that she got a new opportunity to explore something she thinks she wants. Ultimately, win (sort of) for everyone.”

In fact, 23 percent of readers believe that Molly is the one who is better off for ending up with Jason.

Adds reader JSOLER, “I feel bad for Melissa and the way it was handled. But if Jason’s heart is with Molly then that’s where he should be. Good luck to you both.”

But not all readers are letting Jason off easily. “Jason revealed his true colors,” writes Alisha, “and I am mad at myself for being dumb enough to fall for his nice guy got it all together act.” — Jennifer WrenCraig Sjodin/ABC(2)