By People Staff
May 21, 2008 12:00 AM

The winner won’t be announced until Wednesday night, but thousands of readers are crowning David Cook the next American Idol.

In a new poll, more than 60,000 readers weighed in and 66 percent predicted that the 25-year-old rocker would take the title despite the judges’ support of his competitor, David Archuleta, who grabbed 34 percent of the vote.

Regardless of who wins, one reader, Caroline, agrees with the judges who deemed this season the best yet. “We the viewers really got to see all the singers do their thing,” she says in a comment. And Kory agrees: “they both were excellent … Both will make it in the music industry.”

Other readers are sharing their favorites — and how many times they voted following Tuesday’s show.

“I voted 25 times for Mr. Cook,” says Nicole. “Hope it helped! Go DC!!!”

Samantha writes, “I hope David Archuleta wins. He is sincere and he has the TRUE TALENT! There are plenty of that sound like David Cook out there. David A has a unique voice and a great personality. He deserves the title!!!!”