Paula Deen Is Hosting a New TV Show — and Is Trying Some Healthy Vegan Recipes!

The television cook hits the airwaves with Positively Paula

Paula Deen is back on TV.

The southern cookbook queen, former Dancing with the Stars contestant and butter’s biggest fan has a new TV show, Positively Paula. The family-friendly cooking show is filmed in Paula’s home in Savannah, Georgia. The show, now in its first season, airs on RFD-TV each Tuesday night, and is also syndicated around the country.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Paula’s daughter-in-law has a surprise for the TV cook. Claudia Deen prepares a delicious and nutritious lunch for Paula — but doesn’t tell her that it’s vegan.

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Deen is thrilled to be back.

In 2015, she faced a scandal that cost her a TV show and several endorsement deals. It was a difficult time for the 70-year-old TV personality. “God knows I have had tougher moments in the later years of my life,” Deen told PEOPLE at the time. “But it’s what builds character. That’s what makes you into the person that you are.”

With the tougher moments behind her, Deen says that she’s ecstatic to be hosting a new show. Positively Paula is extra special to her because she tapes it in her house. “I’m so excited to invite my friends from around the country into my home kitchen each week,” Deen tells PEOPLE.

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Like some of Deen’s previous shows, Positively Paula gives an intimate glimpse into her personal life and family. “It’s all about family, friends and food,” she says. “We have a blast cooking up a storm and sharing my most special memories.”

Positively Paula airs Tuesdays (7 p.m. ET) on RFD-TV, which is available on DIRECTV, DISH and other major cable providers. (Visit to search channel listings by zip and to see a full list of online carriers.) The show is also syndicated and can be found on other local stations around the country. You can find a full list of places to watch at

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