Meredith Salenger posted a collage of photos on Instagram, including one where she gives Patton Oswalt a kiss on the cheek

By Stephanie Petit
June 19, 2017 08:46 AM
Credit: Source: Meredith Salenger Twitter

Patton Oswalt has reached “Dorky Disney T-shirt Relationship Level” with new girlfriend Meredith Salenger.

The 48-year-old comedian, whose wife Michelle McNamara died unexpectedly in her sleep in April 2016 and left him alone to care for their 8-year-old daughter Alice Rigney, headed to Disneyland with Salenger on Sunday. She shared photos of the fun date on social media, showing that the couple wore corresponding blue T-shirts featuring the vintage cartoon edition of Mickey Mouse.

“Post Splash Mountain soak!” Salenger — a 47-year-old Harvard-educated actress with credits in a bevy of TV and films including Lake Placid, Hollywood Heights, and voiceover work for cartoons like Star Wars: The Clone Wars — captioned a picture on Twitter in which she holds Oswalt’s hand as he drapes it over her shoulders.

Salenger posted a collage of similar photos on Instagram, including one where she gives the actor a kiss on the cheek. She wrote, “Happiest Place on Earth,” adding the hashtags #disneyland and #dreamscometrue.

Oswalt retweeted the adorable photo, poking fun at their similar outfits.

“We are at ‘Dorky Disney T-shirt Relationship Level’, from which no one returns,” he wrote. “GREAT CTHULHU WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?”

On Wednesday, Oswalt stepped out for the premiere of the new movie Baby Driver with Salenger by his side. The couple held hands while posing for the cameras — he dressed in a blue shirt and navy suit and she in a black top, leather jacket, and floral skirt.

A source close to the couple tells PEOPLE, “it’s new and they’re very happy.”

“They met through mutual friend Martha Plimpton,” the insider says. “They started chatting as friends and it blossomed from there.”

Salenger took to social media on Wednesday to tweet an adorable selfie with Oswalt in the theater.

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This is the first public relationship Oswalt has been in since the passing of McNamara, who died at age 46.

In February, Oswalt revealed that McNamara passed away due to prescription medications and an undiagnosed heart condition that caused blockages in her arteries — a condition both he and McNamara, who wed in 2005, had “no idea” about when she was alive.

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On the year anniversary of her death, Oswalt remembered his late wife in a lengthy Facebook post — expressing a combination of grief, gratitude and perseverance.

“It’s awful, but it’s not fatal,” wrote Oswalt, who is now raising daughter Alice as a single father. “That’s the dispatch I’m sending back from exactly one year into this shadow-slog.”

He went on to say that he took off his wedding ring and placed it in a box of keepsakes. “I couldn’t bear removing it since April 21st, 2016,” he wrote. “But now it felt obscene. That anonymous poem about the man mourning his dead lover for a year and a day, for craving a kiss from her ‘clay cold lips.’ I was inviting more darkness. Removing the ring was removing the last symbol of denial of who I was now, and what my life is, and what my responsibilities are. But it’s not fatal.”