March 24, 2017 12:14 PM

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On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel put the comedic quality of Mike Huckabee’s tweets to the test, tapping Patton Oswalt to perform a stand-up routine using material from the former Arkansas governor’s social media account. The comedian bombed. Hard.

“Have you guys been watching the news lately? It’s crazy. Speaking of the news …” Oswalt, 48, began before quoting Huckabee’s tweet about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. “Breaking news! Jimmy Dean Sausage Co will be renamed Gorsuch Sausage because he’s grinding up some Democrat Senators into pure pork sausage.”

Oswalt’s bit stemmed from Huckabee’s Twitter response to the “haters” and “trolls” mocking his jokes. “Maybe he’s right, maybe it is over our heads, maybe these jokes are great,” Kimmel said, suggesting he just needs “a stronger presentation.” But, as far as his audience was concerned, not even Oswalt could elevate these tweets to comedy gold.

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“Traveling’s weird,” Oswalt said in a strained segue. “Boy, I was in Norway last week. ‘Only English speaking TV I get in Norway is BBC — oh my! It stands for Biased Boring Crap. It’s more effective than Ambien as sleep inducer.’ ”

Huckabee, 61, caught the clip and responded Friday morning. “Got ‘Kimmelled’ for my tweets,” he wrote. “So distraught I cried like Schumer & I’ll have to take 1/2 a baby aspirin to sleep.” Ba dum ching!

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