Pat Sajak Jokingly Leaves 'Wheel of Fortune ' Set After Third Contestant Wins $100,000 in Same Week

Wheel of Fortune contestants made history this week as three people won $100,000 bonus rounds in consecutive nights

Photo: Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty

Pat Sajak walked off the Wheel of Fortune set in shock and awe after a third contestant won $100,000 in the show's bonus round this week.

Three consecutive nights of Wheel of Fortune resulted in the winners bringing home the bonus round jackpot, and Sajak, 75, joked that he needed a moment to process the wild pattern.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's episodes included a bonus round win with Bree Yokouchi winning over $120,000 on Wednesday's show. As confetti fell on the winner, Sajak joked, "I'm out of here. That's it, I'm through," before throwing his cue card in the air.

He later discussed his lighthearted leave from the set with his daughter, Maggie Sajak, on social media. "I'm running out of words to describe my reaction. Stunned, surprised, I don't know. It's all inadequate," he said in a Facetime call with his daughter.

Maggie also asked her father if he thought a fourth consecutive win was in the cards. "That would be ridiculous. That would be virtually impossible," he said.

Maggie responded: "You mean like three in a row was virtually impossible?"

Wheel of Fortune contestants aren't just offered a $100,000 question at the end of the game. They must land on the wheel spot that offers the huge prize, then, they must answer the question correctly to earn the winnings.

Mark Baer and Lisa Kramer were the other two Wheel of Fortune contestants to bring home the giant earnings this week, and even just their bonus rounds were historic. After Tuesday's win, Wheel of Fortune's Twitter account confirmed that the $100,000 wins in consecutive nights — or even the same week — had not previously occured in the show's over 40-year history.

The ABC series honored the three winners, and historic game trend, with a celebratory tweet on Wednesday.

"WHAT?!" they wrote. "Another historic night! Bree is our THRID $100,000 WINNER IN A ROW! Breaking News: Wheel of Fortune is running out of confetti!"

Wheel of Fortune airs weekdays at 7:30 p.m. EST on ABC.

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