Janet Snakehole & Burt Macklin, Together Again: Chris Pratt, Amy Poehler & Retta Reunite for Aubrey Plaza's Movie Premiere

Pawnee goes Hollywood

Los Angeles Premiere-INGRID GOES WEST
Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty

Pawnee goes Hollywood.

Four of the stars of long-running NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation reunited at the premiere party for Aubrey Plaza‘s new film, Ingrid Goes West,in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Chris Pratt, who portrayed Plaza’s on-screen husband in Parks, hung out with Amy Poehler and Retta at ArcLight Cinemas, treatin’ themselves at the SVEDKA Vodka and Avenue Los Angeles shindig. (Probably not invited? Jerry.)

Last year, Pratt told PEOPLE that although Parks wrapped filming back in 2014, he and his cast mates talked “almost every day.”

The series — which also starred Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe — followed the government employees of the Parks and Recreation department of a fictional, small Indiana town.

“It was a really happy set. It’s so rare, I think,” Pratt told PEOPLE in 2016. “You hear horror stories of, you know, separate base camps and, like, these feuds going on that never bleed into the storytelling but made the process of making the show a nightmare. And it was the exact opposite for [us] … It couldn’t have been more different for us.”

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In Plaza’s new film, she portrays a young woman who moves to Los Angeles to stalk her favorite Instagram influencer.

Ingrid Goes West hits theaters on August 11.

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