Plaza wrote a very sweet note to go along with the scary presents, though

By Alex Heigl
March 03, 2015 12:20 PM

We’ve all wept over the end of Parks and Recreation. Some of us grieve in different ways, though. For example, we’ve made a life-size papier-mâché replica of Ron Swanson that’s glowering at us from the corner this very moment. Aubrey Plaza?

Well, Aubrey Plaza gave one of her castmates a vial of blood and some of her hair.

“Aubrey Plaza and I are very close,” Aziz Ansari told Conan O’Brien on Monday’s Conan. “We’ve known each other before the show, and we became really good friends on the show, and she gave me this gift.” He then pulled out a note from Plaza.

“Aziz, no words can describe how much I care about you but a pack of my blood and a shard of my hair,” read Ansari, 32. “I give you a spell for when we’re apart. Put me somewhere safe and always keep me in your heart. Love, Aubrey.”

He then pulled out what appeared to be a container of yes, blood and hair.

But – and there’s a weird twist – Plaza, 30, later revealed to Ansari that neither the hair nor the blood are actually hers. We hope they’re fake, but well, either way we’re seriously scared of Aubrey Plaza now.