'Parks and Recreation'' s Jim O'Heir Reveals Chris Pratt Shares Some of Hollywood's Biggest Spoilers

Parks and Recreation's Jim O'Heir revealed his former costar has ruined – at his request – a movie for him on more than one occasion

Never trust Chris Pratt with a secret.

Parks and Recreation‘s Jim O’Heir revealed his former costar has ruined – at his request – a movie for him on more than one occasion.

O’Heir, 56, sat down with PeopleTV’s Chatter on Tuesday to spill secrets on the cast of the hit NBC comedy series – and whether they keep in touch.

O’Heir, who played Jerry Gergich, says not only does the cast keep in touch, they have a group chat called “Park Family.” As for who takes control of the chat, O’Heir said everyone has their moments.

“I’m terrible. Nick [Offerman], I don’t know what he’s saying all the time because he speaks in words that are just too smart for me,” he said. “Aubrey [Plaza] is just scary. Amy [Poehler] is pretty much loving. Everybody, Aziz [Ansari], Pratt [is loving].”

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Pratt’s career quickly took off after the comedy series ended with high profile films such as Jurassic World and a Guardians of the Galaxy.

O’Heir revealed Pratt was kind enough to spill some secrets about this year’s latest Marvel release, Avengers: Infinity War.

Los Angeles Global Premiere for Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Infinity War"
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“Well we had dinner, all of us a month and a half ago, and we got some good stuff! I got some good stuff about Avengers and then I saw it and I went, ‘Yeah, he told me that would happen,'” O’Heir said. “And Jurassic Park, which will be his next release.”

The actor joked about Pratt’s success, saying, “He’s done okay.”

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“You know for a while after Parks I would through him 20 bucks to cut my lawn,” he continued, laughing. “But, I think he’s doing okay now. If he needs a little help I’ll be there.”

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The comedian said that despite the 38-year-old’s massive success, fame hasn’t had an impact on his personality.

“It couldn’t be more like it was from day one,” O’Heir revealed. “Pratt hasn’t changed at all. He’s just a fun guy. He’s talented but he doesn’t have an ego that’s crazy. That’s just not who he — or any of them — [is].”

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