Paris Hilton's Aunts: Being 'Real Housewives' Created Our 'Worst Conflict Ever'

Kyle and Kim Richards say filming Beverly Hills caused big family drama

Photo: Fred Prouser/Reuters/Landov

Paris Hilton‘s aunts Kim and Kyle Richards differ in more ways than just having opposite hair colors.

Viewers who caught the first episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which ended with a big argument between the women, saw that Kyle is outgoing and outspoken, while Kim seems a bit more introverted.

That tension between Kathy Hilton’s two sisters was only worsened by filming the Bravo reality show, the sisters now say.

“We’re very different and we clash sometimes,” Kyle told PEOPLE at the Housewives‘s recent premiere party in Los Angeles. “Being in front of the cameras brings out things that you don’t really expect.”

As for the state of their relationship now, “it’s awkward,” Kyle says, noting that all the drama is real. “There are no lines; there’s no script. It is what it is.”

“Things are said and done that you just can’t take back,” Kim said days later while in New York for an interview with her castmates. Reflecting back on the highs and lows of filming, she added that she and Kyle experienced fun times together but also the “worst conflict ever.” (See the video above.) “I’ve learned a lot from this season.”

Added Kyle during the New York visit: “It’s been very straining on our relationship – without a doubt.”

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