Paris Hilton Has Been Watching The Simple Life with Boyfriend Carter Reum in Quarantine

"He's a very intellectual man, so to see him watching something like that is very fun and entertaining," the star said

Now that's hot.

If you've been wondering what someone like Paris Hilton has been doing while hunkered down at home during the coronavirus pandemic, allow the reality TV icon, DJ and heiress to fill you in.

During a virtual interview with guest host Nikki Glaser on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Hilton opened up about how she's been spending her time lately as she practices social distancing with her boyfriend, Carter Reum.

"I'm used to being on a plane 250 days a year and traveling, so this is the first time since I was a little kid that I've been stuck in one place," she said. "Obviously it's a scary and difficult time around the world right now, but I'm trying to see the silver lining in it of just being home, doing art, a lot of cooking, spending time with my pets and my boyfriend. So making the most of it."

So what exactly does she get up to with Reum?

"We just chill together. We watch The Simple Life," Hilton revealed. "He's not like, a reality show type of person because he's a very intellectual man, so to see him watching something like that is very fun and entertaining."

The Simple Life, as any self-respecting reality TV fan knows, placed Hilton and fellow socialite Nicole Richie in homes across the country as they attempted to work and live as average Americans. The series ran for five seasons, from 2003-2007.

Hilton and Reum have been dating for a little over a year, and a source recently told PEOPLE the star "finally met her match" in the entrepreneur.

"Paris has never been happier," the source said. "They are head over heels in love with each other."

Paris Hilton in the Hamptons

During the interview with Glaser, Hilton also opened up about her upcoming YouTube Originals documentary, This Is Paris. The project, helmed by Emmy-winning director Alexandra Dean, promises to "uncover the hidden past of the international icon," with Hilton confronting "the heartbreaking trauma that forged who she is today," according to a description.

"I'm excited, but I'm also very nervous given the topics discussed in this film," Hilton said on Tuesday. "It's things I've never talked about before, really personal and traumatic experiences, so to talk about that publicly is obviously very hard."

Hilton said while she "loved" playing the character she delivered on The Simple Life, her portrayal in the documentary stands in stark contrast.

"Obviously I'm used to be on camera from being on camera for so long. But I've always been a very naturally shy person, so I loved just inventing this character and playing that character," she explained. "To actually be myself was a completely different experience, but also almost therapeutic in some way, where I learned so much about myself. I had no idea why I am the way I am, and now I understand myself so much more."

This Is Paris premieres Sep. 14 on Hilton's YouTube Channel.

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