"I truly believe that we were custom-made for each other and meant to be," Hilton wrote in a sweet tribute
Paris Hilton relationship anniversary
Credit: Paris Hilton/Instagram

Paris Hilton can't get enough of boyfriend Carter Reum!

On Saturday, the entrepreneur and DJ gushed over her "other half" and "partner for life" in a heartfelt Instagram post celebrating their one-year anniversary.

To commemorate the special milestone, Hilton, 39 posted a sweet video montage, set to her 2006 track "Heartbeat," which featured the pair spending time together over the past year. In an extra sweet touch, the video concluded with a shot of Hilton and Reum, 39, standing together beside the words "Love Forever."

"Happy 1 year Anniversary my love!😍 I love that we celebrate our love every month! I can’t believe it’s only been a year. It feels like I’ve been with you a lifetime!" Hilton began in her lengthy caption.

"I have never felt so close to another person in my life. And that’s because you’re the first one who tore down the walls I built around my heart and opened up my heart in a way that I didn’t know was possible," she continued. "I truly believe that we were custom-made for each other and meant to be. Nothing in my life has ever felt so right or so perfect!"

"Every day I feel like I’m in a dream.🥰 There’s no one I’d rather spend forever with," the heiress added. "I’ve heard of twin flames before but I never believed in them till you. Love you forever my twin flame, my best friend, my other half, my partner for life."

Hilton also reflected on her future with Reum, an author and entrepreneur, writing, "I can’t wait for our future and a lifetime of love and adventures. Because no matter what happens in life, I will always be happy, feel safe and at home in your arms and by your side forever."

Many of Hilton's famous friends congratulated the pair in the comments of the post ad noted how happy the singer looked.

"I’m so happy you’re happy sis 💗💗," Demi Lovato wrote.

Actress Paige Mobley added, "omg you look so happy 🥲🥲 happy 1 year!!!" while musician Oli London wrote, "Awww huge happy anniversary to you so nice to see you so happy 😘"

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum
Paris Hilton and Carter Reum
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In September, Hilton opened up about her "incredible chemistry" with Reum during an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

"I've known him for 15 years. Then [Reum's sister Halle Hammond] invited us to Thanksgiving and we just had this incredible chemistry," she said. "We had our first date and haven't spent a night apart since. It's pretty amazing."

After a series of toxic past relationships, (in her documentary This Is Paris, Hilton opens up about being abused by five ex-boyfriends), the former reality star told PEOPLE she has finally found the partnership she deserves.

"I don't think I was ready for it before," she shared. "I just always wanted what my mom and dad have. They're best friends, he's so loyal. I was always looking for that, but I was looking in the wrong places."

Hilton continued: "Carter actually reminds me of my dad! He makes me feel safe and happy. I finally found the right one."