The newlyweds beat out artists Jessica and Sam and pals Mark and Boone in the season 1 finale of the Fox competition show

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

One pair built a legacy, while the others hit the bricks.

On Wednesday’s LEGO Masters finale, the three remaining duos competed for $100,000 and the title of LEGO Masters. Newlyweds Tyler and Amy, friends Mark and Boone, and artists Jessica and Sam made it to the finals after getting lucky last week when no one got eliminated following the Star Wars challenge.

For their final challenge, host Will Arnett informed the teams that, for the first time this season, they could build whatever they wanted without any theme to follow. Brickmaster Amy said she and fellow judge Jamie wanted to see “captivating storytelling, limitless creativity, and, of course, masterful technical ability.”

Brickmasters and LEGO Masters judges Amy and Jamie.
| Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Each pair first got one hour to sketch out a rough draft of what they planned to build and received feedback from the Brickmasters.

Jamie and Amy advised Mark and Boone to show off their creativity a bit more and felt that their Tower of Creativity — which the Portland, Oregon pals described as “a beautiful, sleek building where each level of the tower is inhabited by a different group of creative people” — seemed too similar to previous builds.

Tyler and Amy, who announced earlier in the season that they’re expecting their first child, worked on what they deemed the Treasure of the Griffin, a tall structure featuring “a griffin who is protecting his nest of babies from the lizard monster that is attacking,” longtime LEGO lover Tyler explained. Amy added that they hoped to show off “strong parental love and fierce protection for one’s child.” Meanwhile, Jessica and Sam proceeded with their colorful peacock and monkey build, a bright structure intended to show off their artistry.

Will Arnett checks in on Sam and Jessica.
| Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

The teams had 24 hours to complete their final build, but at the 13-hour mark, Arnett stopped the clock, and the pairs expected to receive one last twist. Instead, Arnett brought out the finalists’ friends and family members to boost their morale before heading into their last hours of work. He also announced that the winning statue will be displayed at LEGOLAND New York Resort, which pushed its summer 2020 opening to 2021 in response to the ongoing health crisis.

When the break ended, Mark and Boone pivoted their build from the Tower of Creativity to Artopia. Boone referred to their new idea as “a post-apocalyptic wasteland where creative minds are coming together to build community.”

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But unlike earlier in the season, the participants weren’t able to be present when Jamie and Amy judged their builds and therefore could not defend their concepts. Luckily, the Brickmasters were pretty impressed with all three final structures.

Jamie acknowledged that Mark and Boone “pushed the limit” with their Artopia scene, and he marveled at Tyler and Amy’s Treasure of Griffin, “How could you make something so beautiful look so easy?” The griffin’s wings were even motorized to look like they were flapping in the wind, which Amy called “a real wow moment.”

Brickmaster Amy also felt that Jessica and Sam’s Peacock & the Monkey build possessed a “wow factor.” “They elevated LEGO from just a toy to actually a work of art,” she added.

Boone and Mark with Will Arnett.
| Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX
Arnett and the Brickmasters checking out Tyler and Amy’s build.
| Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

After Brickmasters Amy and Jamie thoroughly inspected each final scene, the three teams came back out and stood in front of their loved ones and the previously eliminated contestants as they awaited the final decision. The judges announced that Jessica and Sam took third place and Mark and Boone earned second, which meant parents-to-be Tyler and Amy won the grand prize.

Amy rejoiced that the $100,000 would “just mean everything” to them and help the couple start their lives with their new baby and save for their first house.

“I’ve been building with LEGO since I was 2 years old and I haven’t stopped, like ever,” Tyler concluded. “To actually win is just so incredible. We feel so blessed.”