Missing the Bravermans already? We've got you covered!

By Alexandra Zaslow
January 30, 2015 06:20 PM
Colleen Hayes/NBC/Getty

Thursday night’s series finale of Parenthood left many fans with tears streaming down their face.

Between Zeek’s (Craig T. Nelson) death and Hank (Ray Romano) and Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) wedding, the finale made it hard to say goodbye.

Good news, we have more Bravermans for you!

Check out these deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the very last episode.

In this first clip, Seth (John Corbett) returns to meet his new grandson.

“I want to be in his life. I want to be a better grandpa to him than I was to you and Drew if you give me that chance,” Seth tells Amber (Mae Whitman).

When he realizes that it looks like they’re planning a wedding, he asks his ex-wife, Sarah, if she’s getting married.

In the second scene, Sarah’s siblings make fun of her past boyfriends and call them all kinds of hilarious names like Dr. Feelgood and Forklift Mike.

Finally, Hank is seen watching YouTube tutorials on how to properly put on a tie for his wedding when his daughter, Ruby (Courtney Grosbeck), comes in and saves the day by giving him a bit of fashion advice.