10 Times 'Parenthood' Made Us Cry

In honor of the series finale, here are the most heart-tugging moments

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The end of an era is upon us. Yes, the moment we’ve all been dreading since the Bravermans entered our lives in 2010 has finally arrived.

We’ve been through so much with Adam, Sarah, Julia and Crosby. And we were right there during Max’s student council speech and stuck by Kristina’s side through cancer. We fought for Julia and Joel’s relationship and cried when Zeek and Camille sold their house.

Since the tears are already in full force as we gear up for the Parenthood series finale on Thursday (10 p.m. ET), why not reflect on the most tear-jerking moments? We suggest you have tissues next to you as you scroll down. But make sure you save an extra box for the finale!

1. Kristina says goodbye to her friend with cancer.

While Kristina was undergoing chemotherapy, she became friends with Gwen, who gave her the strength to go on and ended up becoming a source of motivation. Gwen took a turn for the worse, though, and Kristina struggled to say goodbye.

2. Max questions why he’s different from the kids at school.

After realizing bullies from school peed in his water bottle, Max asks his parents why kids at school hate him. “Asperger’s is supposed to make me smart, but if I’m smart then why don’t I understand why they’re laughing at me?” Max asks them. Kristina eventually climbs into the backseat of the car to hug him.

3. Zeek and Camille sell their house.

So many memories have been made in that house, but they decided it’s time to move on and into a smaller place.

4. Adam watches Kristina’s goodbye video to her kids.

In anticipation of having to say goodbye to her kids, Kristina made a video for them in case she doesn’t survive cancer. Hearts wept when she said, “I’m so lucky I got to be your mom.”

5. Julia and Victor start off on the wrong foot.

When Julia and Joel first adopted Victor, they struggled with how to integrate him into the family, especially Julia. Victor didn’t feel welcomed and Julia didn’t know how to change.

6. Hank realizes he has Asperger’s.

After spending a lot of time with Max, Hank started to see similarities between them and became scared. He did some research and realized that he, too, has a form of Asperger’s.

7. Victor becomes a Braverman.

It was a rocky road at first for Victor and Julia, but the adoption ceremony brought everyone together and made Victor finally feel like a Braverman.

8. Max’s student council speech.

When his school takes away the vending machine, Max decides to run for student council president to get it back. At first, his family is nervous that he’s going to embarrass himself during his speech, but instead he ends up explaining Asperger’s and why that makes him different from the other students.

9. Amber’s baby shower.

While Zeek is undergoing emergency surgery, the girls throw Amber a baby shower in the hospital cafeteria. They share stories on what it’s like to be a mom, which brings tears all around.

10. Amber tells Zeek she named her son after him.

In the second to last episode of the series, Zeek meets his new grandson, who he comes to find out is named after him.

The series finale of Parenthood airs Thursday (10 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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