These 'Parenthood' Stars Say the Whole Cast 'Would Love' to Film a Reunion

"Honestly, who would not want to do that? I can't think of anyone," Sarah Ramos tells PEOPLE

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If Sarah Ramos and Miles Heizer have their way, you haven’t seen the last of the Bravermans.

The actors would be thrilled to shoot a Parenthood reunion one day, they told PEOPLE on Thursday night at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas.

“I think 100 percent, everybody would,” said Heizer, 21, of the cast coming back together.

“Honestly, who would not want to do that?” Ramos, 24, chimed in. “I can’t think of anyone.”

“I can’t think of one person – except for the twins who play Nora,” Heizer quipped.

But Ramos defended the adorable toddlers: “They would love to! They would be dying.”

NBC’s family drama – in which Ramos and Heizer played cousins – went off the air in January. As much as every episode made our eyes well with tears, nothing was as devastating as the series finale, when Braverman patriarch Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) died and his loved ones scattered his ashes on the baseball diamond before playing one last game.

Ramos said she found the bittersweet ending creatively satisfying – and realistic.

“It signifies an end, right?” she said.

“That’s true, and I think it was done in a way that was really effective,” Heizer added. “I could barely watch it, I remember being actually angry watching it, being like, ‘Why did they do this? This is so hard to watch and it s so sad!’ ”

The friends are in town to help toast Parenthood costar Lauren Graham, who’s generating tons of buzz at the festival ahead of Saturday’s headlining Gilmore Girls reunion.

From playing Lorelai Gilmore for seven seasons to Sarah Braverman for six, the star is an iconic TV mom.

“She’s so f—ing funny. She’s funny and smart,” Ramos said of Graham. “She delivers things in such an unexpected way, and she’s f—ing beautiful. She’s just someone you can really easily obsess over. … I think she brings a lot of comedy to dark moments, which is something not everyone does.”

Her on-screen son agrees.

“She’s just so good at what she does. I definitely when working with her would be like, ‘Oh my God, that’s how you’re supposed to act. That’s a thing.’ She’s so engaging, so funny. Especially on Parenthood, she would improvise a lot of stuff that was just genuinely so smart,” Heizer said. “I think everyone who meets her likes her. She’s just the best. Everyone loves her.”

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And Ramos has been bingeing on Gilmore Girls – so who does she ship with Rory (Alexis Bledel)?

Sorry, Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia: She’s all about Matt Czuchry‘s Logan Huntzberger, the playboy billionaire with a heart of gold whose proposal Rory spurned in the series finale in favor of covering Barack Obama‘s campaign.

“Logan! Jess and Dean are boring, although I haven’t finished the whole season, and I heard Jess comes back as like owning a bookstore, but I’m like, ‘Come on, that’s not real,’ ” she joked. “What a loser. Ew, deadbeat.”

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