See the Cast of 'Pam & Tommy' Transform into Their Real-Life Counterparts

Lily James and Sebastian Stan have truly transformed into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for the Hulu mini-series, Pam & Tommy 

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Meet Pam & Tommy

pam & Tommy
Sebastian Stan and Lily James. Hulu

Hulu's mini-series, Pam & Tommy, has begun filming. And Sebastian Stan and Lily James have truly transformed into Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson.

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Totally Transformed

pam & Tommy
Lily James. hulu

Particularly impressive is Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again star James' transformation into Anderson. In photos of James in costume, she sports Anderson's iconic blonde hair and makeup — including her skinny eyebrows, smokey eye and full lips. Oh, and who could forget about the French tips?

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Tommy Time

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan/Instagram

Stan also makes an effective drummer Tommy Lee, with his leather pants, plethora of tattoos, black hair and goatee.

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Playing the Villain

seth rogan
Seth Rogen. seth rogan/instagram

Seth Rogen, who is an executive producer on the series, plays the man who stole Anderson and Lee's sex tape. The theft and subsequent distribution of the tape created a flurry of media coverage and a scandal that was not soon forgotten.

Recently, Courtney Love defended her friend Anderson on Facebook, posting a photo of an article about the mini-series, beginning her post, "I find this so f---ing outrageous."

"When Pam / Tommy sex tape was out / myself @pattyschemel @xmadmx were making a record," Love continued. "And the lone women in many recording studios in LA. Where all / ALL! The staff engineers / producers / owners / were watching the sex tape with huge schadenfraude.. Guffaws, It was disgusting. I banned anyone discussing it.. It destroyed my friend Pamelas life. Utterly."

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So Stylish

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen/Instagram

"My co-stars Sebastian Stan and Lily James are a lot cooler than I am," Rogen captioned a few on-set photos.

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Practice Makes Perfect

"Sunday workout," Stan captioned a video practicing his drumstick skills on Instagram. In the video, the Marvel star twirls a drumstick and sticks out his tongue at the camera.

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Meditative Moment

On World Meditation Day, Lee — er, Stan — took a minute to encourage his followers to "find your zen, f----zzz."

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What's Cookin'

Sebastian Stan Instagram
Sebastian Stan/Instagram

The actor went shirtless under a "Kiss da Cook" apron that showed off his tattoo sleeves and nipple ring while in character as Lee.

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