Paige DeSorbo Tells BF Craig Conover It's 'Inappropriate' To Hang Out with His 'Southern Charm' Ex

"Being cordial and being friends are two different things," Paige DeSorbo tells Craig Conover in a sneak peek at Thursday's Southern Charm

Craig Conover shouldn't have a close friendship with ex Naomie Olindo, his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo says.

PEOPLE has a sneak peek at Thursday's all-new episode of Southern Charm, and a conversation DeSorbo, 29, has with Conover, 33, about boundaries he should be setting in his social circle.

The Summer House star has been dating Conover since the summer of 2021, the two going official with their long-distance romance in October of that year — around the time Southern Charm began filming its new season.

Prior to defining their relationship, Conover had hooked up with Olindo, who had recently moved back to her South Carolina hometown after her split from Metul Shah.

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DeSorbo has said she's unbothered by that roll in the hay. But during a visit to see Conover in Charleston, DeSorbo makes it clear that she doesn't want the two spending time together one-on-one beyond that.

"Charleston is a weird place," the New York-born DeSorbo says, broaching the topic. "You guys see each other all the time. Like, if I break up with someone? Hi, I'm never seeing you again."

"It is the smallest town ever," Conover says, explaining that he went to a party at Olindo's house shown earlier in the season because "it was all of our friends and like, it would be weird not to go."

Paige DeSorbo and craig conover talk

That's fine by DeSorbo, she says, but beyond that, not too much. "Like, group settings all day. But I think being cordial and being friends are two different things," she explains, noting that — despite Conover and Olindo being broken up for 5 years — it would be "crazy" if the two went out to lunch.

"I wouldn't go out with someone I previously slept with, like, on a one-on-one," she says. "I think hanging out one-on-one with an ex while you are dating someone is inappropriate."

Conover, for his part, seems happy to oblige — though he does admit, I thought it would be fine to like, go to a restaurant during the day and just like, have a drink like, 'What's going on?' "

"No," DeSorbo tells him.

"I don't want to do anything but maybe it's the lawyer in me?" Conover later says, to which DeSorbo says, "Okay, that's the lawyer in you; the Italian in me will tell you no."

In the end, Conover agrees. "Look, I get it," he tells audiences. "It would be way shadier to hang out with Noami than like, my college girlfriend. So I think in this context, you can't hang out with an ex-girlfriend, let alone one that you've recently hooked up with."

Southern Charm Season 8 - Naomi Olindo

As for Olindo, she told PEOPLE last month ahead of the season 8 premiere that her post-breakup hookup was more about closing doors than opening them.

"Neither one of us ever thought we would get back together," Olindo, 29, said. "This happened a year ago now and it was sort of a one or two-off situation where you just know each other and you're comfortable around each other and you have some fun."

"It was almost like, a bit of closure at the same time, because we had been together for so long and now we finally had a friendship again now that so much time had passed," she added. "But really, it was nothing more than that."

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She went on to say that she's glad for Conover and DeSorbo's pairing. "They're great together," Olindo said. "I'm super-supportive of him, super-supportive of her. They're really happy and it's nice to see."

And as for her friendship with Conover? "You'll see us navigate that a good bit because it was kind of hard to figure out, 'Okay, what are the boundaries? How can I remain respectful to them, but still be in the same friend group?'" she teased. "It was kind of hard to figure out what everyone's comfortable with."

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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