Teddy Forstmann, the late billionaire CEO of IMG, died in 2011 of brain cancer

By Aurelie Corinthios
March 29, 2018 02:44 PM

Seven years after his death, Padma Lakshmi is connecting with her late lover Teddy Forstmann.

On Wednesday’s episode of Hollywood Medium, the Top Chef host sat down with Tyler Henry to channel Forstmann, who died in 2011 of brain cancer.

“I’m just looking to be in [his] company for a little bit,” she said. “I already know that I have a very deep connection with this person. I just miss [him].”

“He was my lover and his name was Teddy,” she told Henry. “We were never married, nor did we live together, but he was sick for a lot longer than we knew.”

Tearing up, Lakshmi, 47, remembered the moment she got the phone call that Forstmann had passed.

“I remember asking what time did he actually die, because the night before I had an alarm bell go off in my head,” she revealed. “I called over to his house to say, ‘I can come over right away.’ ”

“When he comes through, there’s this feeling of freedom from this, not being limited to that physical state anymore, and I think that that’s really important for you to know,” Henry told her. “He is okay. He’s at peace. When he comes through, he has such an awareness of the love that’s there for you.”

According to E! News, Lakshmi went on to ask if she had Forstmann’s “blessing” as she moves forward in her current relationship with Adam Dell, the father of her daughter Krishna, who was at odds with Forstmann when he was alive.

“He does not want you to be alone,” said Henry. “He doesn’t want you to have to parent alone. And he’s acknowledging this feeling that he will always be connected to you, but you should absolutely feel like you have permission to love who you want to love.”

Lakshmi, who opened up about Forstmann in her 2016 memoir, Love, Loss and What We Ate, previously told PEOPLE that the late billionaire CEO of IMG wasn’t the kind of man she ever thought she’d date.

“Teddy was this conservative, Republican, Catholic church-going, golf-playing [guy] and you know, I am this bleeding heart liberal,” she said. “I don’t know which end of the golf club is up.”

“Here is the very epitome of establishment, but he was kind of an outlier,” she added. “He had a different way of doing things. He did not take himself too seriously, which is refreshing in someone who is that accomplished. He was really humble. He had self confidence. He had swagger. He was a man with a huge ego but he wore his uniqueness lightly.”

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