"Jamie and Claire's relationship really blossoms," says Heughan in a new preview for the second half of the season
Credit: Neil Davidson/Sony

Outlander is delivering holiday cheer with a peek at the second half of its first season.

“These are dangerous times,” warns Sam Heughan’s character Jamie Fraser in a new teaser for the Starz series. “Be careful.”

The first half of the season ended with Jamie storming Black Jack Randall’s fort to rescue his new bride, Claire, (Caitriona Balfe) from the evil man’s clutches.

“The biggest thing, of course, is Jack Randall’s place in the storyline – both with Claire and with Jamie – will come to a head,” says executive producer Ronald D. Moore.

“The stakes are going to change,” he adds. “I think a lot of the relationships will deepen.”

Fans looking to see Jamie and Claire’s romance evolve won’t be disappointed. “Jamie and Claire’s relationship really blossoms,” Heughan, 34, says.

“You’re going to love seeing the fruition of that,” adds Balfe, 35.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The second half of Season 1 “is a lot darker,” says Heughan, though he promises that you’ll enjoy it.

Outlander returns April 4 on Starz.