'OutDaughtered' Sneak Peek: Danielle and Adam Busby Take the Girls to See Dolphins for the First Time

“This is my first time seeing dolphins ever,” 5-year-old Hazel says

The Busby girls have had the magical experience of seeing dolphins for the first time.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's season premiere of TLC's OutDaughtered, parents Adam and Danielle Busby take their six daughters — quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Parker, Hazel and Riley, 5, and big sister Blayke, 9 — out on a boat to watch dolphins swim.

"Riley, how many dolphins do you think we're going to see?" Danielle, 37, asks as the family prepares for the excursion, to which Riley adorably responds, "I think I might see a hundred!"

"I've never seen dolphins in my whole life," she later tells the cameras. "But me and my whole family are going to go see dolphins for the first time."


"This is my first time seeing dolphins ever," Hazel adds, after the clip shows the kindergartners giving their own impressions of what a dolphin sounds like. "I like the way that they swim."

"Hopefully they're having fun," Danielle tells Adam, 38, who assures her, "This is like, the perfect getaway for them."

As the clip comes to an end, Hazel sweetly shares that she loves dolphins so much "because they're blue and that's my favorite color."

Busby family. Busby Family/Instagram

In a previous trailer for the new OutDaughtered season, Adam and Danielle grapple with keeping their kids entertained amid the COVID pandemic, as well as sending the quints off to kindergarten and handling Danielle's mysterious and painful health issues.

"Everything just hurts and it's getting worse," she said in the season supertease. "I don't know what's wrong, but I can tell you that something's not right. I just want an answer."

As Danielle began visiting several doctors, her search for answers appeared to be leading her down a scary path.

"Yeah, it makes me scared — I'm a freakin' mom of six, for God's sake," she said. "If I have to have surgery ... what does it mean if you have to have heart surgery at freakin' 36 years old? That's like, as bad as it can get."

OutDaughtered returns Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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