OutDaughtered Stars Struggle to Shelter in Place with 'Restless' Quints as Coronavirus Strikes

The final episode of the season is completely self-shot by Adam and Danielle Busby

The Busbys are back.

PEOPLE's exclusive OutDaughtered season 5 supertease gives fans a glimpse at Adam and Danielle Busby's lives with 9-year-old daughter Blayke and their all-girl quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker and Hazel.

"The quints are about to be 5 years old," Danielle says. "I mean, they're growing up. They're so expressive now — funnier, louder."

This season, the family takes a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the girls get to see snow for the first time.

"Out of all the vacations, I'm most excited about this one," Danielle says. "For the first time since the quints were born, I finally feel like I can take a breath. But you never know what tomorrow brings."

Danielle Busby
The Busby family. Danielle Busby/Instagram

Things certainly take an unprecedented turn. During their trip, the coronavirus pandemic strikes the U.S., and the family returns to Texas to shelter in place. Quarantining with quints is a challenge that no parent can ever be fully prepared for, and chaos ensues as the camera crews fall away while the kids shift to homeschooling.

"I am not made to be an at-home schoolteacher," Danielle says. "What are we going to do inside with six restless girls?"

Plans for birthdays, Easter and a potential eye procedure for Hazel begin to unravel, forcing the couple to make difficult decisions for their girls all while self-filming their new normal. As Texas ramps up its safety measures with a stay-at-home order, the final episode of the season takes place using footage completely shot by Adam and Danielle.

"I'm willing to do anything to protect our family," Adam says. "But I think about how many people all over the world are dealing with this — I mean, it scares me."

Season 5 of OutDaughtered premieres June 2 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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