TLC's 'OutDaughtered' Star Adam Busby Opens Up About Suffering from Postpartum Depression: 'This Is a Very Real Struggle'

"I'd be doing an extreme disservice to our fans if I hid this from the public and wasn't honest with them," Adam Busby tells PEOPLE in a statement

When your family of three becomes a family of eight overnight, it’s safe to say that life changes in major ways — and Adam Busby is getting real about how that experience deeply affected him.

Adam and his wife Danielle, parents to 6-year-old daughter Blayke and the only all-female set of quintuplets in the country, have been chronicling their journey on TLC’s OutDaughtered since last year. On the show, Adam has touched on some of his emotional struggles after welcoming the quints, now 2, but this season he’s delving deeper — revealing on Tuesday’s episode that he’s suffering from postpartum depression.

In an exclusive sneak peek at the episode, Danielle addresses the fact that Adam has been distant lately, pointing out his unusual behavior after the couple received some good news at a doctor’s appointment for one of the quints.

“So, you want to talk about what happened after Hazel‘s appointment?” she asks. “I felt like you were acting strange — not happy, excited, or relieved.”

Adam maintains that he was “definitely relieved with the news,” but Danielle presses him for more answers.

“I know, but before the appointment you were saying that you did stress yourself out,” she says. “I’m just wondering, is that what it was or is there more than that going on?”

Adam avoids the conversation, silently looking down at daughter Blayke, who is walking hand-in-hand with the couple.

“I want you to know that whatever you’re going through, I’m here to listen or talk,” says Danielle.

“I get Adam doesn’t want to talk about these issues in front of the kids, but I know he’s going through something,” she says later. “I’m going to give him some space, but I am concerned, so I’m just going to keep my eye on him.”

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Adam, who will open up about suffering from postpartum depression in a later scene and throughout the season, addressed the issue in a heartfelt statement to PEOPLE ahead of Tuesday’s episode.

“We knew that signing up to have our family documented for OutDaughtered that every aspect of our lives was going to be showcased on television. Because of this, we wanted to make sure that we were as real as possible,” he began. “This meant not only showing the fun and exciting times of being a parent, but also the hard times, the stressful times and the messy times. I think our authenticity and transparency has really resonated with those who watch the show, and because of this, our audience continues to grow because they feel like they can relate to us in one way or another.”

“We don’t have it all figured out and we’re okay with admitting that on national television,” he said. “Showcasing how human we really are has really struck a chord with people, and I think in a strange way, we’re helping others realize they don’t have to have it all figured out either. It’s just part of life. Whether it’s couples that are going through infertility, to parents coping with having children in the NICU, or parents just raising small children; our story has helped and encouraged so many people across the world.”

“After coming face to face with postpartum depression following the birth of our five daughters, I quickly learned that this is a very real struggle that dads all around the world go through, yet you rarely ever hear it talked about,” he continued. “I’d be doing an extreme disservice to our fans if I hid this from the public and wasn’t honest with them.”

“I have a big responsibility with the platform that I have been given,” he added. “I want to make sure that I bring awareness to the realities of postpartum depression and other mental health issues. Why? Because I know I’m not alone and I want others to know they aren’t either. I want men to feel comfortable opening up about their feelings and expressing the struggles they’re going through. I want to help end the stigma surrounding mental health. The worst thing that you can do is stay silent and try fix things on your own. So, I’m going to make sure I do the exact opposite of that.”

OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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