Mom of All-Girl Quintuplets Struggles to Find Help with Daily Tasks on 'OutDaughtered' : 'We Just Need Some Brave People'

The new TLC show premieres Tuesday


For Danielle and Adam Busby, parents to the only all-female set of quintuplets in the country, it’s all hands on deck, all the time.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s series premiere of TLC’s OutDaughtered, which chronicles Danielle, Adam and 5-year-old daughter Blayke’s journey going from a family of three to a family of eight overnight, finding help taking care of all the girls is easier said than done.

The clip opens with Adam, 33, explaining that the two are working on a care calendar for Danielle, 32, to organize and delegate the whole slew of tasks that come with having five babies.

“It’s such a relief to be able to finally get some people coming in and helping Danielle ’cause I’m going back to work and she’s going to be at home by herself with six kids,” Adam says.

Danielle then gets to work on the schedule with her sister Ashley, setting up and sending out a detailed spreadsheet asking for help with tasks like feeding, washing bottles, prepping bottles, doing laundry and more.

“The care calendar is up and running, now we just need some brave people to sign up for it – hopefully they don’t see ‘quintuplets’ and be like, [oh no],” says Danielle.

In the meantime, Danielle’s mom Michelle carves out some time to make sure her eldest granddaughter Blayke feels extra special, and they drive around the neighborhood together in a pink toy car.

“When Danielle came home with all the babies, everybody’s lives changed drastically,” Michelle explains. “Of course, Blayke’s life has changed the most – poor little Blayke. It’s always been about her for so long. So when I come over, I want to spend an afternoon with Blayke just like old times.”

Shortly afterwards, Danielle checks in with Ashley to see how the sign-ups have been going – but to her dismay, they’ve gotten almost no takers.

“Red means people still need to sign up for it,” Ashley says, pointing at the almost completely red text filling the spreadsheet.

“I was hoping it was the opposite. That’s like, two people [that signed up],” Danielle says.

“I was really hoping for more,” she adds. “We were hoping for people to come over tomorrow, and it’s like … this sucks.”

OutDaughtered premieres Tuesday (10 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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