The OutDaughtered season finale airs Tuesday

The costs associated with having one baby can be stressful enough, but what about five at once?

Danielle and Adam Busby – stars of TLC’s OutDaughtered and parents to the only all-girl quintuplets in the country – certainly know what that financial stress feels like, and in a sneak peek at Tuesday’s season finale, Adam gets especially candid about his worries.

“I never would have thought that we would have to be buying a house as big as what we’re looking at and for that much money,” says Adam, 33. “It’s tough knowing that it’s all on my shoulders.”

While looking over potential new houses with Danielle, 32, Adam is shocked to see that some of the properties they’re looking at are “almost double the price of ours.”

“How are we going to be able to afford it on half the income and double the price?” he asks.

“You’re working hard to find new business,” responds Danielle.

“I know, but we’re going to have all these added expenses from a much bigger house,” says Adam, clearly stressed. “I mean, we’re going to have to buy furniture to fill the house with.”

“These are things that we talked about a year ago before we even had the babies,” she responds. “The one thing that we need is a bigger house to accommodate this big family.”

During an on-camera interview, Danielle explains that the house they live in now is certainly big enough for their first daughter, Blayke, now 5, but simply won’t be able to fit their five baby girls as they get older.

“It’s very important that we find the right space for them – as far as the financial aspect of it, we just have to figure it out together,” she says.

Eventually, Adam gives in and puts his head in his hands: “Okay, okay,” he says. “So what’s next?”

The two then arrange for a realtor friend of theirs, Jenny, to come over and show them some options.

“She knows what we need, she’s there for us, she’s honest,” explains Adam.

To prepare for Jenny’s arrival, the couple hire a babysitter to help take care of the quints so they can clean up the house.

“We better start ’cause the babies are crying,” Danielle says once they sit down at the table in the living room with Jenny.

Jenny promises, “I’ll talk fast!” – but she’s not quite fast enough.

“I just want to tell y’all to hold your breath,” interrupts the babysitter. “‘Cause Hazel just pooped.”

The OutDaughtered finale airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.