'OTH' : Major Drama (Especially for Nathan!) Erupts in Tree Hill

Photo: Fred Norris/The CW

The same night One Tree Hill was picked up for its sixth season (Yay!) by The CW, drama was unfolding all around Tree Hill — especially for Nathan. Cute 4-year old Jamie (Jackson Brundage) almost drowns in the family swimming pool; his flirty nanny Carrie (Torrey DeVitto) turns Fatal Attraction-psycho and jumps naked into the shower with Jamie’s married dad Nathan (James Lafferty); Rachel (Daneel Harris) nearly dies from a heroin overdose in Brooke’s N.Y.C. apartment (Sophia Bush); Haley tells Nathan, in a crying fit, that she wants a divorce; and Lucas’s and Nathan’s dad Dan (Paul Johansson, looking curiously like Billy Ray Cyrus) is up for parole for second-degree murder. But Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) doesn’t want Dan out of jail, telling prison officials that his release would disturb their family. You would have thought Tuesday’s show was a season finale, even though new episodes stretch to May. (Yay!)

At the episode’s end, here’s what Nathan was dealing with:

Haley, who suspects him of infidelity, kicks him out of the house and wants to put some time between them. “I really thought that we were rounding this corner of everything,” Haley says, stifling tears. “I just need some time to think and be alone.” In the closing moments, she asks for a divorce.

Greeting Lucas with an unanswered “Hello, son,” he and Nathan’s dad Dan spills his guts to the parole board about his crime, telling them how sorry he was. Lucas wasn’t having it. “My father abandoned my mother when she was pregnant with me. He left us to struggle on his own even though he was a man of means,” Lucas said. “Do not let him fool you.” Although Nathan admitted he had been to prison to visit his dad, that was as far as he would go.

The venomous Carrie, who invades Nathan’s shower, confronts Haley violently on the family’s doorstep, and follows their son Jamie to his school for brainwashing. “Nathan loves me, and I love him back!” Carrie gushed. If Tree Hill grants restraining orders, Nathan should get one. A first step in any marriage on the rocks could be to not hire a 20-something nanny who could pass for a model. Just sayin’. –Nicholas White

Tell us: Will Nathan and Haley break up? Will Carrie stay on on One Tree Hill?Fred Norris/The CW

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