Claire Holt Talks 'Originals' Finale, Says Returning to Set Is 'a Little High School Reunion Every Time'

"There's not too much I can reveal without being punished or imprisoned," Holt joked to PEOPLE

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With Klaus fully off the rails after a season spent discovering his softer side, Monday’s finale of The Originals is set to be the most high-stakes yet.

As the tension between the Mikaelson siblings comes to a head, Claire Holt returns to play Rebekah, who has been portrayed by Maisie Richardson-Sellers ever since Rebekah took possession of Eva Sinclair’s body.

Now that Eva’s body has been killed – but really, that’s never a true death sentence in the Vampire Diaries/Originals universe – Rebekah is back with a vengeance and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is in her sights.

In a chat with PEOPLE, Holt couldn’t reveal too much about what she has in store for her brother dearest – not without “being punished or imprisoned by the creators,” she joked.

“I think the fans are going to be really excited and it will tie up some loose ends in terms of the storyline and plot line. I don’t know if this change is permanent or not,” she said. “I will say that Maisie did a very great job of it. I’m not sure who the fans will prefer more as Rebekah’s body, but it sure was fun to go back!”

The actress, 26, is set to appear in NBC’s series Aquarius, premiering May 28, but said it was “awesome” to be back in New Orleans to film The Originals.

“It’s always so much fun to go back and spend time with those boys,” she said. “They’re really like my family – I spent so many years with them. I love going back, it’s like a little high school reunion every time.”

As for the resolution of the show’s second season, Holt is optimistic that it will be well-received. The fans have been “so supportive and so wonderful every time I pop in and say ‘Hello,’ so, I hope they’re excited to see the original family reunited – as dysfunctional as it may be at times,” added Holt with the understatement of the year.

“I think [the fans] also loved Maisie, though, and rightly so,” she continued.” It was really crazy to me to see how she perfectly narrowed down everything about Rebekah. If she were to remain the permanent body host, I don’t think people would be too mad about that!”

The Originals finale airs Monday (8 p.m. ET) on The CW.

Reporting by SARAH MICHAUD

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