She's most proud of a certain ice-cream-based metaphor for interracial love

Credit: Jill Greenberg/Netflix

Over the course of its first season, Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black evolved from one yuppie’s journey of self-discovery into a true ensemble piece, anchored by a cadre of actresses giving the performances of their lives.

Chief among them is Broadway veteran Uzo Aduba, who brings an openhearted intensity to the role of fan-favorite inmate Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren. In an interview promoting the show’s upcoming second season, Aduba reveals what drew her to the character.

“She’s always living from a passionate place, and it’s coming from a place of good intentions and a place of love,” Aduba says.

“There’s no façade with Suzanne, and that’s something I respect a lot about her,” she explains. “There’s nothing fake.”

Her favorite moment to play was a certain sing-song-y ice cream metaphor for interracial love, which Aduba says she improvised.

“When we were shooting it, I said, what can I do to bring something to the table,” she revealed. “I just said ‘Chocolate and vanilla swirl,’ and it was just another animal.”

Now, she says, fans won’t stop Tweeting the phrase at her, and some even send her pictures of the frozen treat.

See Aduba’s interview above. Orange Is the New Black returns June 6. In the meantime, check out more behind-the-scenes OITNB clips at

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