Netflix Releases 'Orange Is the New Black' Early – We Reviewed It

The streaming service unleashed the Litchfield inmates six hours early

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Netflix released [LINK six hours early” “” “” “0” ] on Thursday, but Entertainment Weekly had the jump on ladies of Litchfield before the unexpected premiere. Keep reading for Doc Jensen’s review of the prison dramedy (spoilers ahead).

Mother’s Day is a riot for the locked-up ladies of Litchfield penitentiary. It’s celebrated with a carnival for the prisoners and their families, with games for the children and a tumult of emotions for all. This extraordinary passage in the season 3 premiere of Orange Is the New Black tracks the reactions of its vast, diverse world of characters, creating a tapestry of vignettes, each a gritty, nutty gem. For religious Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning), Mother’s Day means grieving past choices. For transgender Sophia (Laverne Cox) and her adolescent son, Mother’s Day is complicated. A piñata bash for the kids turns ugly when there’s nothing inside. Cries supersincere Soso (Kimiko Glenn): “Oh my God, this is such a metaphor for their lives!”

To find out what’s in store for the rest of the inmates, continue reading the season 3 OITNB review at

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Orange Is the New Black

season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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