The mogul's show debuts in June on OWN
Credit: Sioux Nesi

When Oprah Winfrey goes to church, opens the door and sees all the people – she sees some people with flaws.

Not everyone of course, but Winfrey is the first to admit that just because someone’s Christian doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

“Do you not think people in the church are flawed?” Winfrey told PEOPLE at theTribeca Film Festival premiere of her new show Greenleaf. “That’s why they’re going.”

Greenleaf is OWN’s first scripted series, and Winfrey acts in and produces the show. The series tells the story of the troubled Greenleaf family and their megachurch in Memphis.

“I do everything from the point of view of intention, and the intention in all of my work is to raise consciousness and lift people up,” Winfrey, 62, said when asked if she worried doing a show about the darker sides of the Christian institution. “I am not gonna do anything that is derogatory toward the church because I am of the church.”

She added that she has strong reasons for choosing the show as OWN’s first scripted series.

“The church is such a powerful institution in the African-American community and, I thought, a bedrock for storytelling and for sinning and for learning how to forgive and to overcome your flaws and faults and all that. So it’s just a beautiful platform,” she said.

Another beautiful platform in her life these days? Weight Watchers, and not only because she has a 10 percent stake in the company. Winfrey has been using the plan to lose weight, and while she wouldn’t share how much weight she’s lost to date, it’s clearly working.

“I can get up the steps in my house without stopping on the 13th step,” she told reporters of her recent success with the plan. “It’s the only time it’s actually been effortless, so effortless that, honest to goodness, I’m sitting at the breakfast every morning and [her longtime love] Stedman [Graham] says, ‘I kind of like this points thing.'”

Who can argue with that?

Greenleaf premieres over two nights on June 21-22 at 10 PM ET on OWN.