Oprah Winfrey occasionally enjoys smoking marijuana, according to her BFF Gayle King

Oprah Winfrey occasionally enjoys smoking marijuana, according to her BFF Gayle King.

During her first-ever appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week, King, 63, opened up about how even though she’s never dabbled with the drug, she’s not staunchly opposed to trying it.

Describing a conversation she had with Amy Schumer at Degeneres’ birthday party in February, the CBS This Morning host admitted she had “never smoked a marijuana cigarette.”

Insisting on helping her out, Schumer responded by saying, “Well, we have to do something about that,” King recalled.

“I would try it, I would try it with Amy, but I don’t intend to do it publicly,” the news anchor continued, before adding that Winfrey “has smoked a little marijuana too, I don’t mind saying. I’m not telling tales out of school.”

Gayle King
Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey
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But when asked whether her BFF liked marijuana, King jokingly replied, “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate her.”

“It’s not something that happens on a regular,” King began to explain, before abruptly announcing she was “going to change the subject.”

While playing “Plead the Fifth” on Watch What Happens Live in 2013, Winfrey opened up about her past history with marijuana, telling host Andy Cohen that the last time she’d used the drug was in 1982.

Humorously, Cohen replied by saying, “Let’s hang out after the show.”

“Okay!” Winfrey said. “I hear it’s gotten better.”

In 2015, she also told David Letterman that she hadn’t “smoked weed in 30 years,” before admitting that while she did, one of her favorite snacks to consume was “a sleeve of Oreos.”