October 29, 2007 12:00 AM

Another fine, well-written episode of Desperate Housewives last night. That makes it official: The show gets our vote as comeback show of the season!

In a return to first-season level quality, where crafty one-liners were sprinkled throughout tense dramatic scenes and heartfelt exchanges, Lynette and Katherine duked it out for control of the homeowners’ association (Katherine won, sorta); all the women had a problem with Bob and Lee’s noisy, modern art sculpture/water fountain; John the gardener returned, and Carlos, realizing that he was doing to Victor what John did to him, decided he and Gaby should end their affair until they’re free to be together, but not before a vengeance-minded Edie got proof of that affair. So, in the end, Katherine called off her war against Lynette’s kids’ tree house, though she still demanded that Bob and Lee ditch the water sculpture. Their response: The water fountain stays, unless Katherine wants everyone to know about the hospital scandal that forced her and her family to flee Chicago for Wisteria Lane. Whoa! Blackmail in the house!

And that other little war: Edie vs. Gaby and Carlos. A woman scorned is one thing, but an Edie scorned? Carlos and Gaby should be afraid. They should be very afraid.

Oh, and about those one-liners: So many gems . . .

•Lee, after the Wisteria woman dissed the water sculpture and demanded it be removed: “Have a nice day, Philistines.” •Mrs. McCluskey to Bree, on why Bree was the perfect person to speak to gay couple Bob and Lee: “You had a kid that came flying out of the closet and a husband who’s been looking for the doorknob.” •Edie to Carlos, after giving him golf balls monogrammed with her initials: “While you’re out there playing, I want everyone to know who your balls belong to.” • Orson to Bree’s ex-mother-in-law: “It’s a retirement village. All these doctors know how to deliver is bad news.” •Lee: A vote for Kathryn is a vote for Fascism. Ida: “What is it with you gay and clothes?” Lynette: “Fascism, Ida, not fashion.” Bob: “Though, if you ever do wanna talk fashion, we’re here for you.” • Gaby, after Carlos suggested breaking up for six months while they dump Victor and Edie: “Six months?! No one takes that long to heal anymore. It’s a breakup, not a facelift.”

And the non-verbal funny moment of the night: The looks on the Scavo twins’ faces as Lynette told them to keep rubbing Mrs. McClusky’s feet while Lynette was trying to woo her vote for homeowner association president.

Which was your favorite? And what do you think Edie is going to do to the cheatin’ Carlos? And what exactly did happen with Katherine and her hubby in Chicago? Do you think he got a little too touchy-feely with one of his patients? –Kimberly Potts

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