By People Staff
Updated April 15, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Dara Kushner/INF

Brooke (Sophia Bush) won’t be bringing home an adopted baby any time soon after an adoption official on Monday’s One Tree Hill decided that she was not ready to be a mom. The official was tough — meaner than Brooke’s demon mom (Daphne Zuniga) — but Brooke’s battle seemed half-hearted. She hesitated when questioned about her family background and teenage past, and even admitted that she didn’t deserve an approval. So did the official make the right decision? Here are the pros and cons of Brooke’s mission to adopt. –Nicholas White

Pros:• Brooke drew up a financial statement and lives an “accelerated life” business-wise. She’s so well prepared it’s scary. • She wants to use her money to help kids with no money. “I’m ready to be one a mom, I believe that,” Brooke says.

Cons:• When exactly would Brooke have the time to raise a baby? She runs a clothing business, owns property — and takes 17 calls and emails during the adoption meeting. • She’s 22 and single. • As a teen, she was arrested for shoplifting. • Her mother tells the adoption agency she’s a “terrible candidate.” Not her fault, but clearly, she’s got drama in her life. Dara Kushner/INF