'One Tree Hill' Returns — and Skips Ahead 4 Years!

Photo: CW

One Tree Hill kicks off its fifth season Tuesday night (8 p.m. ET, the CW) — and the delicious drama will be growing up. Seriously.

Skipping four years into the future … past many of the characters’s college years … the popular show begins with some big cliffhangers, Sophia Bush recently told TV Guide. “Nobody is completely set when they’re just getting out of college,” Bush says. “You’re still so young and learning so much about yourself . . . so in some sense these kids are so grown up but in other ways, you really get to see the kids you left at graduation at the end of Season 4.”

As for her character, Brooke, well, she has to face up to challenges in her professional life as a fashion mogul. “She has this life that everybody would assume is perfect, but she’s still dealing with a lot of the things she dealt with in high school,” Bush says. “It’s interesting for me to build this character who still feels really lost.”

If the juicy storylines are not enticement enough to get involved, The CW and Macy’s are also sponsoring a contest for true fans of the show to earn a walk-on role on the soap — and a visit to Willmington, N.C. where it films. Through Feb. 4, viewers can log on to cwtv.com/macys and upload an audition video or head over to local Macy’s stores for casting calls. –Brian OrloffCW

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