'One Tree Hill' : Girl Fight!

Photo: Fred Norris/ CW /Landov

Both ladies in Lucas’s love life, former flame Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and new fianc e Lindsey (Michaela McManus), locked horns on Tuesday’s One Tree Hill. Since Peyton turned down Lucas’s proposal, she has been trying to get back in his life, though he’s moved on with Lindsey. This week, the ladies are locked together in Tree Hill High’s school library — and have no choice but to tolerate each other. The battle went for five rounds, and we picked a winner.

Round one: Ding-ding. Icy glares lead to words flaring, when Peyton says, “I was going to try to be nice to you, but that’s officially over.” Lindsey responds by calling a “bulimic b**ch,” and looks silly when she tries to exit a locked library door. Winner: Peyton

Round two: Ordering a pizza from the library Internet, Lindsey and Peyton trade words about which toppings they will get — and nerves are clearly starting to fray. “Freakin’ sausage, freakin’ Canadian bacon, freakin’ mushroom,” Lindsey says. “I want to get out of here.” Peyton appears petty. Winner: Lindsey

Round three: Peyton can’t say anything nice about Lindsey. “She has decent taste in men,” she says. Lindsey adds, “I’m intimidated by Peyton.” Lindsey seems vulnerable, while Peyton grinds her teeth and says, “God, I hate this library.” Winner: Lindsey

Round four: Drunk and swigging from a bottle of liquor, Lindsey threatens to fight Peyton after telling her, “WTF?” Friends have to break up the arm swinging. Embarrassing. Winner: Peyton

Round five: Lindsey concedes that Peyton’s life story is beautiful. But then she ruins the classiness by saying that Peyton stole Lucas from another girl. “Pot meet kettle,” Lindsey says jealously, before launching into a mean-spirited ditty. “My name is Peyton … I don’t have a boyfriend because I’m a b**ch.” Then she melts down into a mess of emotions, when talking about her father, who died of cancer. Peyton later apologizes, and the two hug it out. Winner: Peyton

Peyton wins! –Nicholas White

Fred Norris/ CW /Landov

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