March 19, 2008 12:00 AM

Matrimony was hardly holy on One Tree Hill‘s much-promoted 100th episode Tuesday. By hour’s end, Lindsey (Michaela McManus) leaving Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) at the altar was not even the week’s biggest drama. Little Jamie (Jackson Brundage) is kidnapped twice, first by the monstrous stalker babysitter Carrie (Torrey DeVito), and then Lucas’s and Nathan’s (James Lafferty) murderous father Dan (Paul Johansson). We’ve come to love cute 4 1/2-year-old Jamie, and when he falls into jeopardy, suddenly a botched wedding doesn’t seem like a big deal. Jamie ends up alright, but not before Dan shows up uninvited, leaving his kids and their friends speechless.

Lucas is an unlucky guy when it comes to marrying the right girl. Not only did high-school sweetheart Peyton (Hilarie Burton) turn down his proposal, Lindsey had a change of heart too (though hardly surprising, knowing One Tree Hill), bringing Lucas to his knees in a packed cathedral. Now 22, Lucas has had two marriage mishaps.

“I want her back,” Lucas tells his bro Nathan after the rejection.

“Then go get her,” Nathan reaffirms. “You’re Lucas Scott. I’ve seen you do some of the greatest things.”

Lindsey seemingly fades into the background, as her future on the show now appears limited, or at least scaled back. Meanwhile, for One Tree Hill‘s remaining six episodes, which will start April 14, ex-con Dan looks to wreak terror on his family — all of whom hate him. Perhaps Lucas will still find love? –Nicholas WhiteLandov

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