See which departed SNL vets returned last night

By Alex Heigl
Updated December 08, 2013 12:15 PM

One Direction fans were camped out on the street in front of the Saturday Night Live studios as early as Thursday waiting for the band’s appearance on the show.

And thankfully, the episode didn’t disappoint.

Paul Rudd started his opening monologue (which starts at about 8:15 in the video above) by saying how happy he was that he wouldn’t be upstaged by the musical guest this week, as he had in the past when he hosted episodes that featured Beyoncé and Paul McCartney.

That, of course, was the cue for One Direction to come onstage and begin said upstaging.

So Rudd brought in his own gang: The cast of Anchorman 2. “You’ve got your boy band, well, I’ve brought my man band,” he said as Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and David Koechner came onstage.

“Why don’t you beat it, Menudo?” Ferrell said to five Brits, before Carell added, “Why don’t you kids go sit on Santa’s lap and ask for a pair of balls?”

Soon enough, though, they all made peace and sang “Afternoon Delight” together, with Rudd declaring “We are Nine Direction!”

The episode’s cold open was another hysterical moment – a parody of NBC’s Sound of Music Live broadcast last week, with a few SNL vets (their last names rhyme with “miig” and “barmisen,” respectively) returning for cameos.

As a bonus, here’s One Direction performing “Through the Dark” and “Story of My Life”.

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