Omarosa Manigault Newman didn't mince words when she described how it felt not to be working at the White House any longer during an episode of Celebrity Big Brother

By Maria Pasquini
February 26, 2018 03:42 PM

Omarosa Manigault Newman didn’t mince words when describing how it felt to be out of the White House.

During Saturday night’s recap episode of Celebrity Big Brother, some of Manigault Newman’s previously unaired feelings about her time working in Donald Trump’s administration were revealed — including how working there felt like being on a slave plantation.

“I’m thinking of writing a tell-all sometime. He’s going to come after me with everything he has. Like, I’m going up against a kazillionaire. So I’ll probably end up in court for the next … but I have to tell my truth. I’m tired of being muted,” she told her fellow housemates in a clip from day 6 of the game.

“I have been so loyal to the point where people are like looking at me like something is wrong,” she added, before revealing that leaving the White House made her feel like she had “been emancipated.”

“Ooh, freedom, I’ve been emancipated,” she said. “I feel like I just got freed off of a plantation.”

The 44-year-old announced her resignation from her position as director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison in December of last year. In February, White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah revealed Manigault Newman had been fired.

Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Mark Wilson/Getty

In the episode, she also commented on how she “was literally the only African-American woman in the senior staff.”

“Nobody knows what I went through. I haven’t even told people some of the horrors I experienced,” she added.

But as one Twitter user pointed out, there were a few differences between Omarosa’s former White House role and slavery — chiefly, the fact that she was paid for her service.

Omarosa made $179,700 a year of taxpayer money to work at the WH,” the social media user wrote.

Of course, this hasn’t been the first time the Celebrity Apprentice star has spoken out against Trump on the CBS reality show.

Early on in the series, while attempting to distance herself from Trump, Manigault Newman told fellow housemate Ross Mathews that she “was haunted by [his] tweets every single day” while she was in office.

“Does anybody say to him, ‘What are you doing?’ ” the TV personality asked.

“I mean, I tried to be that person, and then all of the people around him attacked me,” she said, before claiming that she didn’t know who would have the power to check the president now.

“I don’t know. I’m not there. It’s not my circus, not my monkeys,” she said. “I’d like to say not my problem but I can’t say that because, it’s bad.”

“Should we be worried?” Mathews asked, begging her to tell him everything will “be okay.”

But instead Omarosa replied, “No, it’s not gonna be okay. It’s not. So bad.”