Omarosa vs. Piers Morgan: How Ugly Did It Have to Get?

Photo: Justin Stephens

Thursday’s fight between U.K. tabloid editor Piers Morgan and Omarosa got ugly, when Lady O pelted team leader Morgan with personal insults. “The mother of your children hates you Piers, and your children hate you,” she said, as teammates Carol Alt and Lennox Lewis sat by quietly … smirking, but clearly horrified. “They’re embarrassed by you. … Is there another man raising your children?”

The usually cool-as-a-cucumber Morgan, who was three children, retaliated, saying, “Leave my kids out of it!” (He is separated from his wife, Marion Shalloe.) He also called Omarosa, ducking behind a ghastly red hat, a “disgusting little tramp,” “piece of slime,” and “one of the most venomous poisons I have encountered in 25 years of business.” The tab editor added, “Every other sentence from her mentioned my children.”

In the post-show interview, Omarosa said, “It was going about below the below the belt. In fact, I kicked him in the —-.”

All the animosity didn’t leave any blood on the boardroom table, however. When Morgan and Omarosa’s team won, Donald Trump didn’t have the heart to fire anyone on the other team. Thus, no one went home. Oh, and porn star Jenna Jameson made a cameo appearance and managed to emasculate her boyfriend of a year-plus Tito Ortiz on-camera. Weak! –Nicholas White

Tell us: Is Omarosa just a character, or as she is as nasty as she seems on TV? Justin Stephens

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