October 30, 2013 05:30 PM

When Omarosa Manigault appeared on her archrival Bethenny Frankel‘s talk show on Wednesday, confrontation was expected – and viewers weren’t disappointed.

The pair – who’ve been feuding for more than three years since Frankel dismissed The Apprentice star as nothing more than a reality TV villain – didn’t hold back. In the segment, Manigault suggested that the reason why Frankel had been successful was because she was white.

“It’s different for you and I,” she told the talk show host. “I am an African-American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.”

But the 39-year-old quickly backtracked, pointing out that clearly Frankel was doing well because she had her own talk show, which prompted Frankel to say that Manigault was now $10,000 richer thanks to her appearance fee.

Manigault then explained that she was just as successful as Frankel – saying that she had her own brand.

“I don’t think you have a brand,” Frankel said.

“You make cupcakes, I worked in the White House,” Omarosa snapped back. “Get a grip.”

She then tried to explain what her brand is. “I am a smart businesswoman who celebrates being smart and there is a brand in being smart,” she said.

“Your brand is smart?” Frankel queried. “That’s in your business plan?”

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“Absolutely,” Omarosa replied. “I have an accomplished career. I teach young people I hope they don’t get discouraged from watching two women who have an opportunity to put things behind us. We have a chance to turn this thing around.”

To which Frankel replied: “No, we don’t.”

Frankel then took to Twitter to share her feelings about the interview. “I haven’t experienced anything like it since Real Housewives,” she Tweeted, later explaining why she invited Omarosa on the show: “I like talking to controversial people. I’m intrigued by human behavior. More interesting than ‘celeb gossip.’ ”

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