20 Years After Olivia Wilde Bossed Around Mick Jagger, The Rock Legend's Now 'Her' Boss

The star reveals what happened when her parents invited Jagger over for a party

Photo: Mike Ruiz

Olivia Wilde learned the hard way that you should always be nice to your guests.

The actress revealed that as a child, she tried to boss around Mick Jagger when her parents invited the rocker over for a party – now decades later, The Rolling Stones‘ frontman is her boss as an executive producer of HBO’s Vinyl.

In an exclusive First Look at Wilde’s emmy magazine cover story, the actress remembers how her parents, well-known journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn, once hosted get-togethers with luminaries including Jagger.

“I was probably 10, maybe a little younger, and he was sitting in my seat at the dinner table,” she recalls. “I came in and demanded that he get off my chair. He told me to go to bed, which was hilarious at the time, even more hilarious now that he’s my boss.”

Wilde stars with Bobby Cannavale and Ray Romano in the upcoming 1970s-set music series, which is also produced by Martin Scorsese, but despite the show’s pedigree, she still had to be convinced to join. She was pregnant at the time, and balked at the idea of playing the role of the wife, worrying it would be a two-dimensional character.

“I think there was something about me being pregnant that made me very ballsy, but I said, ‘Listen, if you want a wife character back in the shadows with no development, hire someone else,’ ” she said. “I just had been doing it too long to play that. I was like, ‘You’ll find someone who really wants that role. It’s not me. I’ll watch the show every week, but I’m not going to be your housewife.’ And they kind of laughed and said, ‘Oh, no, no. We can assure you.’ And they completely delivered on their promise.”

She started shooting just four weeks after the birth of her son Otis.

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“I didn’t want any of these boys to think, ‘Is she too delicate to handle this?’ So I would just go and pump [breast milk] and come back to rehearsal and pump and come back to set. And I felt so incredibly grateful that I did.”

Vinyl premieres Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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